Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our Oahu Oasis of Food

Baja Surf: Mango, jalapeno-infused tequila, cilantro and lime. Spicy and sweet and wonderful. Available at the Westin Moana Surfrider.

Hula Grill's Ahi Poke tacos...served with avocado, Maui onion and wasabi aioli
A breakfast at Eggs n' Things: Five-spice, seared ahi tuna steak, eggs sunnyside up, white rice with spicy pico de gallo. I ate it all and then we walked it off....for awhile. 
The first course at Morimoto Waikiki inside the Waikiki Edition hotel. Want to talk amazing? Not sure you can tell by the photo, but everything on the board was sliced thinner than paper and it melted in your mouth - even the wasabi. If you like sushi, this is a fantasy for your mouth. Also, the small cup contained a tea used to cleanse your palate and the small berry was to follow that and set you up for the next course. CanNOT recommend this enough. Unfortunately we enjoyed it all so much (complete with wine & sake pairings) that we neglected to take further photos. 

Yet another yummy breakfast at Cream Pot: Makura (tuna) Benedict. So rice patties, an orange demi-glaze, avocado, eggs and slices of raw ahi. Accompanied by a spring salad mix. (I almost cried) 
During the Azure tasting menu, specifically the Summer Seafood Celebration, this is the 1st course, which included sashimi, avocado salad in the middle, heirloom radishes and a soy vinaigrette. The radishes were particularly spicy and paired well with the fish.  
Please ignore me and focus on the plate. Still at Azure, this is the 4th course, the Hawaiian swordfish cooked in duck fat and surrounded by a port wine and kalamata olive sauce, as well as a tomato tartare. A symphony, I swear. 

We were allowed to take a copy of the Azure tasting menu...please review it. And when you are in Hawaii, seek out these fishes, etc.

Aloha - Melissa :)

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