Sunday, July 17, 2011

Super Seattle Center Spot for Drinks!

So this is not a recipe...unless you are a mixologist by trade and want to try your hand at the couple drinks I want to share with you...all of which were made by a bartender and not me. Anyway, next time you are in Seattle I urge you to stop into Tini Bigs (100 Denny Way) which is open 365 days a year, from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. So no excuses as to why you missed a happy hour here, got it??

Anyway, the deal with this place is that it is a bar. Sure, they have a menu with food...but I'm not recommending you travel there to eat. You travel there to drink in a dimly lit bar filled with black lacquered booths, tables and chairs. And you love it for that.

Left, Dirty Vodka Martini. Right, John Wayne Manhattan.
 First up, I played it safe and had my boring Dirty Vodka martini, though I will say it was properly 'dirty', i.e., not too little or too much brine. T, however, was more adventurous and ordered the John Wayne Manhattan - bourbon, amaretto, orange bitters and an orange twist. He was not disappointed and said that while it was like a typical Manhattan, the extra orange emphasis really made it into an entirely new drink.

Best part is that if you're unsure what you want, you can tell the skilled bartenders what you like (let's say tequila with a spicy kick - my personal go-to) and they will point you in the right direction OR make you a unique drink.
The color-coded Martini specials...Pike Place infusion promises a good time in a glass.
Unfortunately for us, we were there after 6 p.m. and did not get to really partake in the special happy hour drinks, but I was smart enough to snag a quick photo so that you could all see what they have to offer...which is bright colors of the rainbow. Personally, I am going to make a trip back just to try the Pike Place Infusion, which actually involves staff at the bar taking a daily trip to the market and seeing what fresh and exciting ingredients for a cocktail they can get their hands on. Can you say awesome?

Bottoms up!

- Melissa

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