Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sweet and Spicy mustard

So I hate to tell you but there are no great visuals for this one....even though I have made it numerous times. Quite frankly, it just looks like mustard - so not really earth-shattering photography, but here you go:

Regardless, I will tell you how to make it and then you can just see it for yourself, hopefully in better lighting!

First, you need to get out your saucepan (I am hoping you have all purchased one since I am forever invoking its name!) and start with some olive oil, enough to coat the pan, which you'll turn to a low/medium heat. Next you want to stir in mustard seeds (3 tsp should suffice) and some honey, maybe a spoonful. I personally use this sugar-free honey I find at WalMart and it is pretty damn good. Anyway, mustard seeds, honey, olive oil and stirring slowly over the low/medium heat. Then, use want to add some actual dijon mustard (2 tbsp) and continue to stir. Next up is chili powder - totally your call on how much to add, but start slow - and continue to stir. Now turn the heat down to low (the mustard should be quite hot by now) and let it thicken for a few more minutes. Give it a taste and add chili powder for spice/honey for sweet. I also sometimes add in a squeeze or two of lemon juice here if it is too thick - but that is optional.

I have served this with thin, boneless pork chops (shown above) and pork tenderloin, as a dip for cold shrimp and am planning to make it next as a side for simple grilled chicken. Let's just say it is versatile and a waaaaay better than slapping the grey poupon jar onto the table.

- Melissa

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