Sunday, August 28, 2011

M's version of Potato Salad

If you've ever been with me at a picnic or BBQ or cookout or whatever the damn kids are calling it these days, you may have noticed I don't eat the cole slaw, macaroni, pasta or potato salads...this is primarily due to my dislike for mayo, though the fact that the mayo has been baking under sun also makes me want to hurl. That being said, I sort of never eat potato salad and I decided to create a new strand so that I can offer it up for those that crave the standard BBQ fare at my house and dislike my offering them homemade hummus or couscous rather than a mayo-globbed broccoli salad (yuck!). 

For my take on potato salad, I use the same main ingredient - namely, potatoes - and I always opt for red ones, but that is negotiable. So you boil the potatoes and when they are cooked but still firm, you let them cool for at least an hour or more. PS - do not peel the potatoes, the skin is the best part, come on!

Served here with some pepper-crusted albacore tuna steaks.
So once the potatoes are cool, quarter them and then toss them in a bowl, skin and all. Now you want to douse them with olive oil (maybe 1/3 cup), some chopped onion that you can sauté for a few minutes if you're so inclined (I am), about 2 cloves of smashed/minced garlic, some gently torn basil leaves, a little bit of thyme and lastly balsamic vinegar (also about 1/3 cup). You mix it all up and tada - a new take on a standard where the only technical step is boiling the damn water. One caveat, don't add the olive oil and vinegar until you're fairly close to serving it or else it will get mushy.

- Melissa

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