Friday, September 16, 2011

Quick Brie Appetizer

Ok, this is a SIMPLE little teaser you can throw together and impress your dinner guests...not really a recipe as much as 'inspiration' for exhausted hosts/hostesses on this weekend-eve.

For starters, take a baguette and slice it into thick slices. You want to then drizzle half of the slices with balsamic vinegar (I used regular, aged balsamic for some and a pear-infused balsamic for the rest) and then place a chunk of brie on top. I tore some basil leaves as well and added them to the balsamic doused slices. Then I used a fig jelly on the other unadorned slices and topped them with a chunk of brie as well. Really you can substitute any type of fruit-based jelly, within reason. For instance, if you are thinking grape or orange marmalade, just stop reading right now. If you are considering blackberry or perhaps some other fabulous berry (see: boysenberry, marionberry, etc.) then carry on. And for the record, we are not talking Smuckers or Polaner's here - though they are fine for toast. I mean a more high-end, fresh fruit containing type of jelly that is sold in the gourmet section of the store and not by the peanut butter.

After they are all dressed up, you want to throw them on a cookie sheet and bake them at 325 degrees for maybe 10 minutes, give or take. They get just crispy enough, the brie melts and heaven in your mouth can begin.

- Melissa

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