Friday, June 24, 2011

Easy Greek Couscous Salad

So in an effort to not serve the same basic sides, I often try to branch out and get a little more flashy. So the other night we were having pre-made lamb burgers (which we totally buy at the local high end place I keep mentioning and don't make ourselves because they do it so well). Anyway, the burgers have feta cheese and rosemary sprigs mixed in, so my side needed to be of a Greek persuasion, thus I thought of making a mediterranean couscous salad.

First of all, they sell boxes of already 'seasoned' couscous in the store (Far East brand), but for this I opted to make it myself from a big box of plain couscous that I keep on hand. So the beauty of couscous is that it is super quick; we're talking boil the water with a tbsp of olive oil, add couscous, turn down heat for 2 min, then remove from heat and done. So total time is no more than 10 min. I do add some chicken broth in with the water, so its 50/50, which totally adds a little extra flavor. Once the couscous has been removed from the heat, I can take on the salad's accoutrements. 

Chop up some onion, tomato and cucumber. The amount truly depends on how much you like these vegetables....for instance, I went easier on the onion than you might. Move the couscous into a bowl and toss it lightly in a little more olive oil and ground black pepper. Then add the chopped vegetables and mix in some crumbled feta cheese (you can also add in Kalamata olives and let me live vicariously through you since T hates olives)  and toss some more. Finally top the salad with some torn fresh mint and prepare to feel transported to Athens! Best part? You can also make this ahead of time & store this in the fridge for fact, the leftovers the next day are sometimes even better!

PS - I also made a quick garlic tzatziki for the burgers...1 part plain greek yogurt, 1 part crushed garlic, 1 tbsp dill, juice from half a lemon and then zested cucumber and/or lemon to finish it off. 

- Melissa

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  1. Fabulous! I'll skip the burger if it means I can eat more couscous!


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