Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let's Make this Interactive...

So I've gotten some requests for recipes or meal ideas via Facebook and I think I want to bring it over here and make it 'official' - or as official as this blog can be, which is to say, less official than the Westminster Dog Show but maybe more official than a Toddlers & Tiaras competition in a town of 200 people? But I digress. In the next week, I will be whipping up a Thai Peanut Sauce dish per a request from devoted follower Erika Desimone ...and I am more than happy to field more. Maybe this is the coffee talking on this Wednesday morning, but I think my co-bloggers will also chip in and we can get this done for our few, but EXTREMELY loyal, followers.

1. So, in the comments, write what you want us to make, tell you about, explain, etc.

2. Try not to be jerky - i.e., don't request imported New Zealand rack of lamb unless you plan on a) sending PayPal money over or b) you are flying out to eat with us, in which case, lamb would make a great 'welcome guests dinner' and you're on.

3. Whoever of the blog staff is going to make it will acknowledge your request and then make it in the next week or so (I mean, we do have lives and stuff, so it may not be that very night), unless you inundate us with requests which will be AWESOME but also make the process a little slower.

4. If you want anything that is extremely unhealthy (by that I mean a deep-fried twinkie) you will either get a response from our silent partner Nate, who owns a deep frier, OR a healthier option since we want you all to live. By that same token, if you want me to teach you to make Hamburger Helper we're going to talk about a few things offline.

5. Tell your friends. The more followers, the more inspired I (we) are to keep doing this.

Let the games begin!

- Melissa


  1. I don't even get an honorable mention for jumpstarting this idea????????

  2. Fabulous! I'll put my thinking cap on!

  3. ahhh, who doesn't like a little plug now and then!!!!! I love this blog!!!!!


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