Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Full transparency loyal readers

In order to maintain honesty on the blog: I admittedly failed at dinner tonight....not because I made an error cooking, but because I totally over-estimated how long the key ingredient would stay fresh. The ingredient in question were garlic spears and I totally should've made them two days ago but we had plans and I could not. 

So the rather pricey stalks are in the trash, the defrosted chicken cutlets are now pre-poached in the fridge for when T is in charge of dinner this week due to my work schedule and he is off saving the day getting take-out burritos. 

Please note that the photo was taken yesterday a.m. and that the spears had since lost even more green. Lesson here, believe what the produce manager at the high-end market tells you about an ingredient you've never tried before! 

You might wonder, could I have made something else with the chicken? Well sure. But my heart was set on my adventure and I couldn't rally into some subpar creation. Sigh.

I'll think of something tomorrow since after all, tomorrow is another day {in the kitchen}. 

- Melissa

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