Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Sicilian" Chicken

I know, I know. Chicken cutlets...again...really? But here's the thing - it is good for you (not fatty, high in protein) and it is versatile! If you are making the same 2 or 3 chicken dishes each time, no wonder you or those you are cooking for want a side of arson. That's your fault, you can do better! For instance, my Sicilian chicken (no copyright there - it just sounded good in my head) was something I threw together because we'd already had a week of poultry-palooza and I needed something NEW. 

So for starters, trim the boneless chicken cutlets. Get your pan out (see below, visuals are cool) and coat the bottom with olive oil, turning the heat to med/high. Add in a few cloves of crushed garlic, about a 1/4 cup of minced onion and let that brown a little. Once it is crackling and fragrant, you want to add the chicken, along with some salt and ground white peppercorns (you can use reg. pepper, I am just showing off). Cook the chicken evenly on both sides until it is starting to brown, yet not cooked all the way through. Olive oil can be added as needed so that the chicken is not sticking to the pan! Next you want to add some chopped artichokes (jarred works, don't add 5 steps, people), some chopped parsley (2 tsps) and about 3 tbsp of butter, plus a few pours of white wine. Turn the heat down to low/med (let's say 5 on an electric stove and a lower flame on gas) and let it all soak together. 

After a few minutes, add in sun dried tomatoes (how many is your choice, though I recommend the wet ones that have soaked in oil). Continue to move the chicken around a little and don't let it stick to the pan! Lastly, I added some Gaeta olives (jarred, soaking in olive oil brine) and I even poured a little of the brine/oil mixture in for good measure. Now again, I let it all sit together over low heat with the pan's cover on for about 5-10 minutes.

The result is an earthy, salty sauce that inhabits the chicken and the toppings that cover the cutlets are a Sicilian (my opinion) delight. Served with oven roasted new potatoes and seared green beans.

- Melissa

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